Where it all began

Rome 1992, 5 guys with Progressive Rock music in their walkman. The musical landscape is painted by the theatrical recitative style of the singer. From its very first performances Arcadelt presented shows inspired by early Genesis and containing elements of Italian commedia dell’arte. The Band perform live shows from 1993 till 1996 when Progland Records co-produce their first LP “Enjoy”. In 1997 the group split up to go their separate musical ways, but in 2009 decided to get together again.

Who we are

Pierfrancesco Drago – Vocalist


Fabrizio Verzaschi – Guitarist


Giacomo Vitullo – Keyboardist


Fabio Cifani – Bassist


Sandro Piras – Drummer


« I think the rhythm is like the spine of the piece. If you change that, then the body that forms around it is changed as well. »
– Peter Gabriel